Benefits of Soft Skills Certifications

If you’ve always wanted to grow your confidence while building your home based business, now is your chance. Neora (through its partnership with Success Training Institute), now offers online certifications in Leadership, Sales, Team Building, Effective Decision Making and much more. Whether you’re a full time business builder, a part time entrepreneur or somewhere in between, the Neora Certified program is right for you.

The soft skills certifications you’ll earn can be taken at your own pace and each class in the vast library of courses is broken down into segments of 8 minutes or less. Imagine, growing your business and boosting your confidence in less than 8 minutes per day. There is no limit to the number of courses you can take. Each student will have one-year access to the life – changing classes that can be taken from any smart phone or laptop.


At Neora, we want you to be equipped with career skills without having to break the bank. That’s why our programs are incorporated into your monthly subscription. You’ll enjoy exceptional training at an affordable price.

Refer Your Friends

Soft skills are ranked as the number one skill to acquire in business. Therefore, your friends from all industries and backgrounds will want to learn how they can acquire these skills and YOU have the answer. Give them yet another reason to join the Neora family.


With dozens of courses and hundreds of lessons, you may not be sure where to begin. No worries! Simply complete the assessment by answering a few simple questions and you will receive a list of the courses you should take first.

Not Familiar with Soft Skills?

Soft skills are the interpersonal qualities that determine how well you solve problems, lead others, build teams and handle adversity. This is why soft skills certifications are in such high demand. Harvard University research reveals that 85% of career success is based on soft skills. The US Chamber of commerce studies show that employers prefer candidates with soft skills certifications on their resumes. Neora has partnered with Success Training Institute, the industry leader in soft skills training, to provide you with the most effective certification programs on the market. Enroll today and begin the process of becoming Neora Certified.


The Neora Certified™ courses offer great value at a price that can fit almost any budget. Affordable Cutting Edge Training, that will impact your bottom line.


Our proven system can be implemented in almost any work environment. Because each of the classes is less than ten minutes in length, employees can learn and apply content immediately.


Two words can describe the Neora Certified™: It Works. Companies have noticed an increase in retention, employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall job performance.

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